Hammer Nutrition Arm Warmers

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Hammer Nutrition Arm Warmers - Armlinge dürfen in keiner Sportgarderobe fehlen!


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Hammer Nutrition Arm Warmers 

Die Hammer Nutrition Armlinge dürfen in keiner Sportgarderobe fehlen. Sie erweitern den Einsatzbereich von kurzen Trikots und schützen vor Kälte und Wind. 

Das atmungsaktive und komfortable Material sorgen zudem für eine perfekte Passform. 


Lycra, Ceylon


S und M


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von am  27 Sept. 2021 (Hammer Nutrition Arm Warmers) :

nice and high quality Product

the Arm Warmers are almost perfect for the pre- and past summer-season when temperature is somewhat in the range of +5°C up to +15°C .. just my feeling ;-)
The fabric feels very comfortable once you have managed to get them in place. But they are made for slim Arms, not for strong Body's! In my case i have some difficulties to get them on and off, because my Palm and Fingers are at least XL !
But now, as i was going to order a size "L" (because M are very tight for me), i am facing to the fact, there is only size "S" and "M" listed.
And even worse, as i was going to order size-M for my friend, just now only "S" is available !

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